Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Basket List

I love new adventures.  Now that I'm getting a little older, it seems like time is passing by at an alarming rate, and I haven't done so many things!  You know... the kind of things you see other people doing on reality TV, in magazines, brochures and advertisements that look just plain fun or interesting.  No, I'm not going the "Survivor" route.  I'm not that brave!  I'm taking the route more along the lines of Martha Stewart's "Good Things."

So after much deliberating and reading a ton of blogs (check out the blogs I'm following!), I have decided I am not going to just read about the fun and interesting things others are doing.  I am going to try some things for myself!  Not too long ago a movie called "The Bucket List" came out and the title became a buzz word for people who wanted to experience new things in life, but they had never taken the chance.    Now I haven't been diagnosed with a terminal disease or anything like that-- I've just started considering the fact that over the years since college, marriage, raising kids, and work have required so much of my attention (not complaining, just saying), I have let the adventurous side of me recede into the background.  With time flying by, I decided to get back to me.  

Over the last few weeks, I have spent some time looking at other cool blogs to see what others are up to, and I have been inspired.  While I like the name "Bucket List," I think it really sounds so cold and final.  So, I came up with the idea of a making a "Basket List" of those things I want to try.  Nothing way out there, but here's what I've come up with so far:

Learn to bake fresh Bread (I found a number of mouth-watering recipes in a book, "Bread Alone" written by Judith Ryan Hendricks--the story's good too!)
Finish my Tablecloth quilt (I have been working on it for at least 5 years!) (pictures and directions to follow soon!)

Collect Vintage Aprons
 (maybe even make a few)

Get back into scrapbooking

Make a new recipe dish every week  (I collect cookbooks and have built up quite a collection)

Teach my son and daughter to cook

Take another Cake decorating class

Spend more time bike riding

Learn to speak Spanish

Learn to garden

Paint and  decorate our master bedroom!

And I know it's a little eccentric, but I want to buy the Partridge Family Lunch Box I have been admiring for so long!  lol

I have a ton of other ideas, but as one of my favorite movie characters once sang, "Let's start at the very beginning....a very good place to start!"  What's on your  "Basket List"?