Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ten Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

So, go ahead.  You can tell me.  Do you have any New Year's resolutions?  I must confess, I do.  I have been preparing myself for the past several months for this moment...January 1st.  You know, the day when we all wipe the slate "clean" and start anew.  I love this feeling.  I am so ready! 

As I mentioned in my last post, I was lucky to receive a wonderful ipad for Christmas!  My wonderful husband, bought it for me and I cried!  It's the little things (note I didn't say inexpensive!) that make me happy!  Anyway, I am feverishly trying to chart everything in my life from homeschool planning, working out, worship planning and housecleaning!  Like my blog title says, "ten impossible things," huh?

One of the most recent magazine self-help articles I read said that if you want to make a change then make yourself accountable.  So, here I am.  I'm putting it in writing for the world to see.  I will make some changes this year and stay on track.  I've added a couple of apps to my ipad including Cozi Central and Home Routines.  They are so cool!  I can organize everything, and one of the apps even gives me GOLDEN STARS for achieving results!  What else could I ask for? 

Many say resolutions never last.  That may be true, but I am a big proponent of starting somewhere.  I may not achieve EVERYTHING on my list, but I will accomplish something!  I tend to think some don't challenge themselves with resolutions because they don't want to have to face defeat.  The statement, "no pain, no gain" is really true.  Even if I have to admit I didn't accomplish everything I'm setting out to do, I'm making an effort.  What about you? 

I am also still focusing on my "Basket List".  Painting within the next month is going to happen.  My bedroom desperately needs it!  I also got my sewing machine out the other day.  My daughter received one from Santa, so I figured I could get in on the act too.  Who knows, I may even stitch a curtain or two!

Enough about me.  What are your "Ten impossible things"?  Come on, I know you have something you'd like to try this year.  I want to challenge you to write it down, post it somewhere you can see it, and jump in!  You'd be surprised who will cheer you on. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sparkle, Sparkle!

I love the holidays!  I can't believe December came and went and the new year has arrived!  I hope your Christmas was everything you hoped for!  I know I'm sentimental, but I really do wish for health, wealth (had to put it in! ) and joy for all of you! 

After much effort, I finally put up my Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve!  I put the lights on three times, and finally accepted they were not going to be my best work.  Time simply ran out. 

By the way, I really did try to take some to enjoy the sights and smells (and eats--too much!) of the season.  After a disappointing season last year, I really made an effort to spend quality time with my family and friends.  I really enjoyed it all. 

Did you get or give any special gifts?  I did!  My favorite was an ipad!  I am really enjoying it, and I have enjoyed looking at my blog on it!  Yes, I do know the real reason for the season, but I do enjoy all the other traditions (like Santa!) as well. 

With the new year here, I'm trying to get organized and focus on another brand new opportunity to grow spiritually, diminish physically (lol!) and be more frugal financially!  So with champagne (or sparkling cider!) in hand, here's to a wonderful, fruitful year!