Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I love the classic story,  "Wizard of Oz". The only direction given to Dorothy in her effort to find her way home was to "follow the yellow-brick road.".

Could life be more simple?  Is there only one direction to travel on the "yellow brick road"?  In the last year, I have discovered the yellow-brick road for me is not straight as an arrow, but is winding with cliffs and deep ditches at every turn.  I have tumbled off a few cliffs, and roughed up my knees in the ditches, but alas, I am still on the journey!

My recent pursuit of those things I am most passionate about has been exhausting.  I've stopped a couple of times along the way and adjusted my course settings.  

What do I really want from life? Fulfillment and freedom are two things I keep coming back to on my journey.  I recently added a third item, perhaps the most important of all.  Faith.  

Many of the things I have accomplished in my life have been at the expense of a lot of money and time.  Precious time and wasted money.  True grit and determination have fueled my drive, but I have discovered they will only get me so far.  I have finally come to  understand that I must exercise faith that God can and will provide opportunities and pathways where I can truly live in a place of fulfillment and freedom. 

So, with a renewed spring in my step and a genuine desire to put feet to my faith, I am stepping back on the yellow-brick road.  I just can't wait to see what is just around the bend.....


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