Monday, May 29, 2017

Something old,something new...

 If you wait long enough, what's old will become new again.  Really. 

Remember the 60's? It was all bell bottom pants and daisies.  Walk into the new Altar'd State shops, or other trendy boutique, and you're sure to find those same things presented in a fresh, new way.  Different colors, maybe an embellishment or two.  I personally love all things retro spruced up to become new again.  Bowls, glasses, costume jewelry, and vases are just a few of my favorite things.  Eighties hair-dos not so much!

Most of us do the same thing by reinventing ourselves multiples times throughout our lives.  I've had long hair, short hair, colored hair, and now gray hair (still colored!).    But it has been said, we usually stick to no more than 3 styles during our lives.  How funny.  If you have a square face, chances are you're not going to wake up one day with a round one!  However, the makeup companies keep coming up with the next best thing, the fountain of youth, and we buy it hook, line and sinker.  It's genetics people.     As kids learn early on, you get what ya get, and ya don't pitch a fit!   Like our hair-dos, life can be very cyclical, and I personally am just coming back full circle for another round. 

I'm still working on my bucket list, but some things are on hold.  Life demands our attention, and I'm no different than you.  Right now, I'm going through a transition from stay-at-home to full-time staffer.  Talk about a gargantuan shift in my equilibrium.  Every time I think things will settle, I put another brick in the wall and start a new course. 

My children are growing up, and our family is changing.  Gone are the baby dolls and Thomas the Tank Engine toys.  They have now been replaced with college books, and softball bats and formal gowns.  We run from one activity to the next, but time just keeps on moving.  How ironic that our clocks are round! 

Change can be unnerving and stressful, but I am embracing this transition in my life.  I have multiple opportunities, and I find that I am once again re-inventing myself.  It's fun and challenging, but far from stable.  Still, I get up early every morning and start again.  Every day is getting easier, and I am happy for something to do.  Surely I'm not alone in this. 

Have you made a change or two?
Remember if nothing changed, there would be no butterflies. 

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